Sunday, June 30, 2013

Post no- 9: Ensure home for all.

We should not use intellectual robots in destructive activities like war. Intellectual robots should be used in constructive works. Metallic structures like vehicle, airplane, ship, etc. could be produced and assembled by robots. Even metallic furniture and building could be produced by robots. Ship like multistoried building could be produced with the help of robots to ensure home for all, free of cost. Real estate, cement and brick manufacturing companies will never support such initiative. Yet, we should discourage building construction with concrete. Because, buildings made of brick and cement, are not safe for living. Brick made buildings may collapse any time. Conversely, ship like metallic buildings is always safe. Such structures could be assembled by robots on land to ensure shelter for homeless people, free of cost. We should not support keeping people homeless anymore.

If we can ensure food and home for all free of cost, people will lose their interest in acquisition of land properties. Food and land provided by nature will become available for all. When food and shelter will be available for all, trade and commerce will become less important in human life. Acquisition of wealth in personal life will become invalid and useless. People will not dream and struggle for wealth any more. War and politics will lose their importance in human civilization. People will no more waste their time, energy and intellectual assets in war, politics, trade and commerce for power and wealth. Real peace will be established in the society and human civilization will be stabilized on earth. A group of people will be careless and enjoy their life while others will dream to be immortal to explore the universe and engage themselves in research work.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Post no- 8. Defeat Death.

China and USA are producing robots which will take part in war. Robots will fight against robots. Robots will kill robots. People will remain safe in such type of war. We appreciate such initiative. This will reduce soldier requirement in the military force and save huge manpower abused in war. Human participation will be reduced in the military force and those can be engaged in producing robots for agriculture, construction, sales and other jobs.

One billion people equipped with natural potential biological computers are currently engaged in agriculture and are wasting their intellectual assets on the soil. Artificial intellectual assets should be engaged in agriculture to save natural intellectual assets. If artificially intellectual robots can take part in war, those must be able to take part in agriculture for food production for human. We request China, Japan and USA to prepare not only soldier robots but also farmer, labor and shopkeeper robots to save natural intellectual assets and engage them in research work. Even it will be insufficient, if one billion people are engaged in research work to overcome biological barriers to explore the universe. Yet, we waste out time and intellectual assets in war and politics. Do we really want to overcome biological barriers to be immortal?

What do you prefer- work for wealth or research for immortality? Can your wealth make you immortal? Only research can make you immortal. Then, why do you waste your time and intellectual assets for wealth? I request each of the people reading this article to work together to create such a system in the world so that each of the people can be engaged in research to defeat death. I never accept natural death of any intelligent human individual. Do you accept? Do you dream to be immortal? I believe, one day, nine billion people in the world will be engaged in research to defeat death.