Saturday, November 16, 2013

Post no 14: Poverty Alleviation Program.

Thousands of NGOs are working world-wide for poverty alleviation and millions of dollar funds are spent each year, but what’s the achievement? 870 million people are still suffering from hunger in the world. We are successful in our space missions, we have great scientific achievements to develop human civilization but our achievement in poverty alleviation is not satisfactory. At the present state of human civilization poverty should not exist in the world. Whereas we dream to expand human civilization to new planets, we should also dream for a hunger free world. Whereas billions of dollar funds are required to explore the universe, no fund is required for poverty alleviation in fact.

Traditional NGO activities with millions of dollar funds will not be able to give us a hunger free world. Poverty alleviation depends on our will- do we really want a hunger free world? Do we really feel the misery of hungry people? Do we need poor people for our personal interests? The problem has been created and maintained by us. If all of us agree and decide to remove poverty, fund collection and traditional NGO activities will not be required to help the poor. To explore and resolve this issue “DYNAMIC WELFARE FOUNDATION” will be formed.

Exploring universe is not rational without resolving the miseries of 870 million hungry people in the world. We cannot ignore the miseries of hungry people living around us. We dream for a hunger and poverty free world to explore the universe. This should be a universal endeavor by human being all together. This should not be considered for personal or national achievement. We will ensure all of your participation all over the world to explore the universe. There are so many planets in the universe that each of the people in the world can occupy at least one of them for his/her personal habitation. The world is so rich that none of us is required to suffer from hunger and poverty due to scarcity of wealth any more if a group of greedy and evil people do not want to occupy all of them for nothing. Then why do we keep our neighbors in hunger and poverty? Let everybody be happy and invite all to take part in research to explore the universe together. As much participation will be ensured, so rapid will be our achievement. 14 billion years have already been passed. Now, we do not want to offer warm reception to aliens, we would rather like to discover them. Therefore, we should work together in a war and hunger free dynamic world to explore the universe.     

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Post no 13: Reduce discrimination between rich and poor.

Discrimination between rich and poor should be reduced preferentially. If it is possible to increase the financial status of the poor population without reducing existing wealth level of the capitalists in the world, then I believe nobody will have any objection against poverty alleviation. The world is so much rich that none is required to suffer from poverty and hunger anyway. Yet, 870 million people suffer from hunger on the globe still now. Negligence, reluctance, tradition and lack of knowledge are responsible for this condition. Thousands of NGOs are working world wide for poverty alleviation. Among those Grameen Bank, originated from Bangladesh, is playing significant roles which is known world wide, well accepted and awarded with Nobel Prize. Although high interest rates of its micro-credit programs are not uncontroversial- is it poverty alleviation or business with the poor?

Poverty alleviation undoubtedly generates new business opportunities for capitalists. Poverty alleviation means increasing the purchase power of the poor and more purchase generates more business. For example, if it is possible to increase the purchase power of 870 million hungry people by two dollars a day (one dollar for food and one dollar for other goods), turnover will be increased by 1.74 billion dollar a day. Therefore, any initiative taken for poverty alleviation simultaneously protects the right of both the rich and the poor. The risk of financial and social instability rises with the discrimination between the poor and the rich. At present, discrimination between rich and poor is increasing in the USA. Such discrimination should be reduced world wide for stability of human civilization. But improper initiatives and imperfect measures for poverty alleviation may even aggravate the risk of instability. Do not give anything without return except disabilities. 

Friday, August 23, 2013

Post no 12: Remove discrimination between human civilizations.

We can engage intellectual robots in cultivation to produce food and bio-fuel to ensure energy supply to the human civilization. Extensive production and utilization of bio-fuels will reduce the necessity of lifting fossil fuels. This will be effective in reducing all the threats associated with global worming. When food and fuel requirement is met people will be able to move freely all around the globe. Actual benefit of globalization will be enjoyed by the people when free access to the world will be ensured for all.

All kind of discrimination should be abolished in the world. Otherwise, discrimination between human civilizations will cause their ultimate destruction with the advancement of technologies. Therefore, we should reduce discrimination as much as possible with our technology improvement. Following issues should be considered to reduce discrimination:

1. Reduce discrimination between the rich and the poor. At least, hunger and poverty should be removed preferentially. We should improve and utilize our technology to remove poverty and hunger permanently. Achieving this goal is not impossible because this problem has been created and maintained by human being themselves.

2. We should dissolve country barriers created by our ancestors due to political or personal issues. People should move freely all over the world as a global citizen. Less developed countries should unite preferentially for their greater interest.

3. Discrimination between religions should also be resolved. Religion should be considered as personal affair. This should not be utilized as political, national or international issue.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Post no 11: Ensure fuel supply.

Every product may be produced and served by intellectual robots free of cost, if their energy requirement is met free of cost. Do oil producing countries agree fuel supply free of cost? Commercialization of fuel makes everything impossible. Commercialization of fuel compelled the commercialization of all other products and services. Commercialization of fuel even ignites war and politics on the globe. Food and fuel is produced by nature to nourish and empower intellectual creatures on earth to uncover the mystery of creation. On the contrary, a group of people restricts the free supply of all natural resources, commercializes those products to accumulate wealth by spoiling and exploiting nature. Such inhuman greedy activities aggravate hunger and poverty, ignite war and politics and cause instability of human civilization. Such unsound practice may even cause ultimate destruction of human civilization. Therefore, we should take steps to eliminate all the discrimination to ensure the stability and unity of human civilization. An organization will be formed to ensure free supply of food and fuel to remove poverty and engage people in research work to explore the universe. 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Post no 10: Human life is not for trade and commerce.

At present, most of the people dream for power and wealth. Such practice should be changed. Human life is not for trade and commerce. People should grow their interest in scientific research and should dream to be immortal. We should not waste our time and intellectual assets for power and wealth. If it is possible to ensure every goods and services for all free of cost, people will lose their interest in trade and commerce. Nature has provided us everything needed for our survival. We should not commercialize those products for personal interests. Nature produces food for all. We should not commercialize food products. Nature supplies abundant fuel to meet energy requirement for human civilization but we have commercialized this product to accumulate wealth. As we have commercialized food products, people suffer from hunger. Similarly, commercialization of fuel products provokes war and politics on the globe.

Commercialization is responsible for all the problems and illegal activities apparent in human civilization. Hunger problem has been created by commercialization of food products. Commercialization of fuel products provokes war and destabilizes human civilization. Commercial activities are responsible for the wastage of human intellectual assets in trade and commerce. Then, why should we waste our time in trade and commerce? People are engaged in manufacture and sales of goods to make someone wealthy. This should not be the significance of human life on earth. Then, how to abolish commercial activities in human civilization and grow interest to explore the universe? Do we also commercialize space and habitable planets for personal or national interests? Do we provoke another war to occupy all the planets and restrict free access to the people of the world to explore the universe?        

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Post no- 9: Ensure home for all.

We should not use intellectual robots in destructive activities like war. Intellectual robots should be used in constructive works. Metallic structures like vehicle, airplane, ship, etc. could be produced and assembled by robots. Even metallic furniture and building could be produced by robots. Ship like multistoried building could be produced with the help of robots to ensure home for all, free of cost. Real estate, cement and brick manufacturing companies will never support such initiative. Yet, we should discourage building construction with concrete. Because, buildings made of brick and cement, are not safe for living. Brick made buildings may collapse any time. Conversely, ship like metallic buildings is always safe. Such structures could be assembled by robots on land to ensure shelter for homeless people, free of cost. We should not support keeping people homeless anymore.

If we can ensure food and home for all free of cost, people will lose their interest in acquisition of land properties. Food and land provided by nature will become available for all. When food and shelter will be available for all, trade and commerce will become less important in human life. Acquisition of wealth in personal life will become invalid and useless. People will not dream and struggle for wealth any more. War and politics will lose their importance in human civilization. People will no more waste their time, energy and intellectual assets in war, politics, trade and commerce for power and wealth. Real peace will be established in the society and human civilization will be stabilized on earth. A group of people will be careless and enjoy their life while others will dream to be immortal to explore the universe and engage themselves in research work.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Post no- 8. Defeat Death.

China and USA are producing robots which will take part in war. Robots will fight against robots. Robots will kill robots. People will remain safe in such type of war. We appreciate such initiative. This will reduce soldier requirement in the military force and save huge manpower abused in war. Human participation will be reduced in the military force and those can be engaged in producing robots for agriculture, construction, sales and other jobs.

One billion people equipped with natural potential biological computers are currently engaged in agriculture and are wasting their intellectual assets on the soil. Artificial intellectual assets should be engaged in agriculture to save natural intellectual assets. If artificially intellectual robots can take part in war, those must be able to take part in agriculture for food production for human. We request China, Japan and USA to prepare not only soldier robots but also farmer, labor and shopkeeper robots to save natural intellectual assets and engage them in research work. Even it will be insufficient, if one billion people are engaged in research work to overcome biological barriers to explore the universe. Yet, we waste out time and intellectual assets in war and politics. Do we really want to overcome biological barriers to be immortal?

What do you prefer- work for wealth or research for immortality? Can your wealth make you immortal? Only research can make you immortal. Then, why do you waste your time and intellectual assets for wealth? I request each of the people reading this article to work together to create such a system in the world so that each of the people can be engaged in research to defeat death. I never accept natural death of any intelligent human individual. Do you accept? Do you dream to be immortal? I believe, one day, nine billion people in the world will be engaged in research to defeat death. 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Post no- 7: Restrict Commercialization.

Nature itself created biological computers to explore the universe. It nourishes them with abundant food supply so that those can be engaged in research work to uncover the mystery of the creation and save nature itself. On the contrary, a group of people restricts the free access to the natural food items, commercialize this product, exploit nature and accumulate wealth keeping people hungry worldwide. Nature grows food for all, not for trade. It grows crops to nourish its creatures not to make money as commercial product.

In fact, we delay our progress in scientific research to overcome biological barriers and uncover the mystery of the creation. Commercialization keeps us busy in corporate activities like sales, marketing, management, etc. The extent and mode of commer-cialization should be changed. Otherwise human civilization will never get a rid of war and politics that always pull them backward and may even cause their destruction and elimination in future.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Post no- 6: Ensure Food Supply.

We should no more support any politics, any business and any financial system that deals with the basic food requirement for human survival. Crops grow on the soil to serve food for all. No country, no company, no family should commercialize this product. Food business is not rational, keeping more than 870 million people hungry on the globe. Food substances should be produced, processed and served by automated robotic system to ensure food supply for all, free of cost.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Post no- 5: Agriculture Automation.

System Automation: Agriculture.
We live on earth not to cultivate land. Automated machines operated by robots will cultivate land to grow crops for human. Nobody should waste his/her time for thinking about what to cultivate, where to cultivate, how to cultivate, how to harvest, process and cook food materials. All the task will be managed by automated food recycle system operated by robots worldwide. Automated food production and processing units will be established throughout the world to ensure food supply for all, free of cost. Robots will cultivate land, produce crops and process food substances to supply us food materials without any cost.

When you are hungry, just call a robot, it will supply food materials as much as you require. Because you are a human being, you have the right to get food enough to satisfy hunger. You need not to pay any robot to get food materials for survival. Robots will serve people free of cost. Do you support providing people food materials free of cost?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Post no- 4: Misuse of Intelligence.

System automation: Necessity.
Manpower engaged in construction works, vehicle driving, cultivation, food processing, sales and marketing of goods worldwide is nothing but misuse of human intelligence. What can be done by machine and robots should not be done by human. We are in fact insulting and ignoring our glorious existence in the world that brings us up to explore the universe, uncover the mystery of the creation and protect it from natural decay. On the contrary, we misuse our intellectual assets, destroy our environment and waste our energy in war and politics. Do you support the misuse and abuse of human intelligence in such activities anymore?

Monday, May 6, 2013

Post no- 3: How to Explore.

Three steps are required to explore the universe-

1. System Automation: 
Replace human works with machine and 
engage 50% of the world population in research work.

2. Overcome biological barriers: 
Replace human body with artificial device 
to overcome food, oxygen and air pressure barrier.

3. Spread human civilization: 
Start intergalactic journey, expand human civilization 
and explore the universe.

How to engage 50% of the world population in research work?
Do you support this?

Friday, May 3, 2013

Post no- 2: Expanding Universe.

Human intelligence is expanding as do the universe itself. Human civilization should expand throughout the universe to understand the fate of such expansion and take control over it to protect the universe or reshape it into optimal/safe state. We should protect our universe as long as Almighty does not destroy it Himself. How to expand human civilization and what to do? Who will take control over it?

Post no- 1: Intelligent Universe.

Our universe began about 14 billion years ago. It took 14 billion years to generate creatures able to understand the universe itself, take control over it and shape up it into optimal state to prevent its destruction. Intelligent creatures evolved in the universe to protect its decay.