Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Post no- 5: Agriculture Automation.

System Automation: Agriculture.
We live on earth not to cultivate land. Automated machines operated by robots will cultivate land to grow crops for human. Nobody should waste his/her time for thinking about what to cultivate, where to cultivate, how to cultivate, how to harvest, process and cook food materials. All the task will be managed by automated food recycle system operated by robots worldwide. Automated food production and processing units will be established throughout the world to ensure food supply for all, free of cost. Robots will cultivate land, produce crops and process food substances to supply us food materials without any cost.

When you are hungry, just call a robot, it will supply food materials as much as you require. Because you are a human being, you have the right to get food enough to satisfy hunger. You need not to pay any robot to get food materials for survival. Robots will serve people free of cost. Do you support providing people food materials free of cost?