Thursday, May 30, 2013

Post no- 7: Restrict Commercialization.

Nature itself created biological computers to explore the universe. It nourishes them with abundant food supply so that those can be engaged in research work to uncover the mystery of the creation and save nature itself. On the contrary, a group of people restricts the free access to the natural food items, commercialize this product, exploit nature and accumulate wealth keeping people hungry worldwide. Nature grows food for all, not for trade. It grows crops to nourish its creatures not to make money as commercial product.

In fact, we delay our progress in scientific research to overcome biological barriers and uncover the mystery of the creation. Commercialization keeps us busy in corporate activities like sales, marketing, management, etc. The extent and mode of commer-cialization should be changed. Otherwise human civilization will never get a rid of war and politics that always pull them backward and may even cause their destruction and elimination in future.