Thursday, May 30, 2013

Post no- 7: Restrict Commercialization.

Nature itself created biological computers to explore the universe. It nourishes them with abundant food supply so that those can be engaged in research work to uncover the mystery of the creation and save nature itself. On the contrary, a group of people restricts the free access to the natural food items, commercialize this product, exploit nature and accumulate wealth keeping people hungry worldwide. Nature grows food for all, not for trade. It grows crops to nourish its creatures not to make money as commercial product.

In fact, we delay our progress in scientific research to overcome biological barriers and uncover the mystery of the creation. Commercialization keeps us busy in corporate activities like sales, marketing, management, etc. The extent and mode of commer-cialization should be changed. Otherwise human civilization will never get a rid of war and politics that always pull them backward and may even cause their destruction and elimination in future.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Post no- 6: Ensure Food Supply.

We should no more support any politics, any business and any financial system that deals with the basic food requirement for human survival. Crops grow on the soil to serve food for all. No country, no company, no family should commercialize this product. Food business is not rational, keeping more than 870 million people hungry on the globe. Food substances should be produced, processed and served by automated robotic system to ensure food supply for all, free of cost.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Post no- 5: Agriculture Automation.

System Automation: Agriculture.
We live on earth not to cultivate land. Automated machines operated by robots will cultivate land to grow crops for human. Nobody should waste his/her time for thinking about what to cultivate, where to cultivate, how to cultivate, how to harvest, process and cook food materials. All the task will be managed by automated food recycle system operated by robots worldwide. Automated food production and processing units will be established throughout the world to ensure food supply for all, free of cost. Robots will cultivate land, produce crops and process food substances to supply us food materials without any cost.

When you are hungry, just call a robot, it will supply food materials as much as you require. Because you are a human being, you have the right to get food enough to satisfy hunger. You need not to pay any robot to get food materials for survival. Robots will serve people free of cost. Do you support providing people food materials free of cost?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Post no- 4: Misuse of Intelligence.

System automation: Necessity.
Manpower engaged in construction works, vehicle driving, cultivation, food processing, sales and marketing of goods worldwide is nothing but misuse of human intelligence. What can be done by machine and robots should not be done by human. We are in fact insulting and ignoring our glorious existence in the world that brings us up to explore the universe, uncover the mystery of the creation and protect it from natural decay. On the contrary, we misuse our intellectual assets, destroy our environment and waste our energy in war and politics. Do you support the misuse and abuse of human intelligence in such activities anymore?

Monday, May 6, 2013

Post no- 3: How to Explore.

Three steps are required to explore the universe-

1. System Automation: 
Replace human works with machine and 
engage 50% of the world population in research work.

2. Overcome biological barriers: 
Replace human body with artificial device 
to overcome food, oxygen and air pressure barrier.

3. Spread human civilization: 
Start intergalactic journey, expand human civilization 
and explore the universe.

How to engage 50% of the world population in research work?
Do you support this?

Friday, May 3, 2013

Post no- 2: Expanding Universe.

Human intelligence is expanding as do the universe itself. Human civilization should expand throughout the universe to understand the fate of such expansion and take control over it to protect the universe or reshape it into optimal/safe state. We should protect our universe as long as Almighty does not destroy it Himself. How to expand human civilization and what to do? Who will take control over it?

Post no- 1: Intelligent Universe.

Our universe began about 14 billion years ago. It took 14 billion years to generate creatures able to understand the universe itself, take control over it and shape up it into optimal state to prevent its destruction. Intelligent creatures evolved in the universe to protect its decay.