Saturday, September 21, 2013

Post no 13: Reduce discrimination between rich and poor.

Discrimination between rich and poor should be reduced preferentially. If it is possible to increase the financial status of the poor population without reducing existing wealth level of the capitalists in the world, then I believe nobody will have any objection against poverty alleviation. The world is so much rich that none is required to suffer from poverty and hunger anyway. Yet, 870 million people suffer from hunger on the globe still now. Negligence, reluctance, tradition and lack of knowledge are responsible for this condition. Thousands of NGOs are working world wide for poverty alleviation. Among those Grameen Bank, originated from Bangladesh, is playing significant roles which is known world wide, well accepted and awarded with Nobel Prize. Although high interest rates of its micro-credit programs are not uncontroversial- is it poverty alleviation or business with the poor?

Poverty alleviation undoubtedly generates new business opportunities for capitalists. Poverty alleviation means increasing the purchase power of the poor and more purchase generates more business. For example, if it is possible to increase the purchase power of 870 million hungry people by two dollars a day (one dollar for food and one dollar for other goods), turnover will be increased by 1.74 billion dollar a day. Therefore, any initiative taken for poverty alleviation simultaneously protects the right of both the rich and the poor. The risk of financial and social instability rises with the discrimination between the poor and the rich. At present, discrimination between rich and poor is increasing in the USA. Such discrimination should be reduced world wide for stability of human civilization. But improper initiatives and imperfect measures for poverty alleviation may even aggravate the risk of instability. Do not give anything without return except disabilities.