Saturday, November 16, 2013

Post no 14: Poverty Alleviation Program.

Thousands of NGOs are working world-wide for poverty alleviation and millions of dollar funds are spent each year, but what’s the achievement? 870 million people are still suffering from hunger in the world. We are successful in our space missions, we have great scientific achievements to develop human civilization but our achievement in poverty alleviation is not satisfactory. At the present state of human civilization poverty should not exist in the world. Whereas we dream to expand human civilization to new planets, we should also dream for a hunger free world. Whereas billions of dollar funds are required to explore the universe, no fund is required for poverty alleviation in fact.

Traditional NGO activities with millions of dollar funds will not be able to give us a hunger free world. Poverty alleviation depends on our will- do we really want a hunger free world? Do we really feel the misery of hungry people? Do we need poor people for our personal interests? The problem has been created and maintained by us. If all of us agree and decide to remove poverty, fund collection and traditional NGO activities will not be required to help the poor. To explore and resolve this issue “DYNAMIC WELFARE FOUNDATION” will be formed.

Exploring universe is not rational without resolving the miseries of 870 million hungry people in the world. We cannot ignore the miseries of hungry people living around us. We dream for a hunger and poverty free world to explore the universe. This should be a universal endeavor by human being all together. This should not be considered for personal or national achievement. We will ensure all of your participation all over the world to explore the universe. There are so many planets in the universe that each of the people in the world can occupy at least one of them for his/her personal habitation. The world is so rich that none of us is required to suffer from hunger and poverty due to scarcity of wealth any more if a group of greedy and evil people do not want to occupy all of them for nothing. Then why do we keep our neighbors in hunger and poverty? Let everybody be happy and invite all to take part in research to explore the universe together. As much participation will be ensured, so rapid will be our achievement. 14 billion years have already been passed. Now, we do not want to offer warm reception to aliens, we would rather like to discover them. Therefore, we should work together in a war and hunger free dynamic world to explore the universe.