Thursday, January 16, 2014

Post no 15: Global Warming Prevention is required.

Poverty alleviation and maximum participation of manpower is required to explore the universe. This will be achieved if we work together. But one thing is still ignored- whatever we do, we need environmental stability. We have already uploaded 365 billion metric tons of carbon to the atmosphere since 1750 due to industrial revolution. Therefore, it grew warmer and anger upon its creatures. Although the devastating consequence is known to all, we are still adding 10 billion metric tons of carbon to the atmosphere each year. The fact is ignored because we are still debating and blaming each other. We are now getting prepared to offer compensation to the third world countries which would be mostly affected for the disaster. We are not actually getting prepared to prevent global warming in fact.

It is not possible to reduce carbon emission significantly because we need more power and more development. Successful replacement of fossil fuels with alternative energy sources and/or effective carbon capture technology development is uncertain or would require much time. We therefore admit and accept the problem and get prepared to offer compensation for the victims. Why should we depend on technology development for alternative fuel sources or artificial carbon capture? We cannot claim to the modern world to reduce carbon emission because we support development of human civilization on earth as quickly as possible. Can we request those countries occupying thousands of miles unused deserts to allow us grow photosynthetic biomass to increase natural carbon capture process to save the world? Because existing biomass is not capable of clearing additional carbon uploaded each year, we should increase it immediately. I believe the modern world equipped with advanced technologies will not consider this impossible. If there is a fraction of possibility, we request to the related international organizations and countries take initiative as soon as possible. Otherwise, let us do the job.