Friday, July 19, 2013

Post no 10: Human life is not for trade and commerce.

At present, most of the people dream for power and wealth. Such practice should be changed. Human life is not for trade and commerce. People should grow their interest in scientific research and should dream to be immortal. We should not waste our time and intellectual assets for power and wealth. If it is possible to ensure every goods and services for all free of cost, people will lose their interest in trade and commerce. Nature has provided us everything needed for our survival. We should not commercialize those products for personal interests. Nature produces food for all. We should not commercialize food products. Nature supplies abundant fuel to meet energy requirement for human civilization but we have commercialized this product to accumulate wealth. As we have commercialized food products, people suffer from hunger. Similarly, commercialization of fuel products provokes war and politics on the globe.

Commercialization is responsible for all the problems and illegal activities apparent in human civilization. Hunger problem has been created by commercialization of food products. Commercialization of fuel products provokes war and destabilizes human civilization. Commercial activities are responsible for the wastage of human intellectual assets in trade and commerce. Then, why should we waste our time in trade and commerce? People are engaged in manufacture and sales of goods to make someone wealthy. This should not be the significance of human life on earth. Then, how to abolish commercial activities in human civilization and grow interest to explore the universe? Do we also commercialize space and habitable planets for personal or national interests? Do we provoke another war to occupy all the planets and restrict free access to the people of the world to explore the universe?