Friday, August 2, 2013

Post no 11: Ensure fuel supply.

Every product may be produced and served by intellectual robots free of cost, if their energy requirement is met free of cost. Do oil producing countries agree fuel supply free of cost? Commercialization of fuel makes everything impossible. Commercialization of fuel compelled the commercialization of all other products and services. Commercialization of fuel even ignites war and politics on the globe. Food and fuel is produced by nature to nourish and empower intellectual creatures on earth to uncover the mystery of creation. On the contrary, a group of people restricts the free supply of all natural resources, commercializes those products to accumulate wealth by spoiling and exploiting nature. Such inhuman greedy activities aggravate hunger and poverty, ignite war and politics and cause instability of human civilization. Such unsound practice may even cause ultimate destruction of human civilization. Therefore, we should take steps to eliminate all the discrimination to ensure the stability and unity of human civilization. An organization will be formed to ensure free supply of food and fuel to remove poverty and engage people in research work to explore the universe.